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Browse & shop from our unrivalled range of white gold, yellow gold and platinum diamond half eternity rings from Diamonds UK at an affordable price. Our outstanding collection will surely mesmerize you with its magnificent brilliance and exquisite craftsmanship.
Half eternity rings only have stones across the face of the band, making them easier to create and to size, which is reflected in their price. They are more comfortable to wear and larger stones can be used in half rings. Most women prefer this style since the stones are concentrated on the front of the ring so they are visible.

This ring may be embellished with diamonds or engraved with your lover’s name, crafted with rich detail or have a very simple design. One thing is for sure, the half eternity ring is one of the most significant pieces of jewellery you will wear. The ritual of the wedding band started as a tender gesture with ancient man shaping plants or twigs in the form of a ring and offering it to their bride. Since then, the wedding ring has maintained its integrity and has managed to preserve its importance throughout history as it has come to represent the most precious of human emotions—love.

Although diamonds are the most popular gemstones for eternity rings, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and other stones are also gaining popularity & are sometimes used in conjunction with diamonds.

For that special soul mate, an eternity ring has become an important outward demonstration signifying love, commitment, honor, and respect. Yet, committed couples aren’t the only ones buying eternity rings, which are also known as anniversary rings, infinity rings, or special occasion rings. Women, who do most of the jewelry buying, are selecting these types of rings for themselves whether they are in a relationship or not. Not waiting for that special someone to come along or perhaps content where they are in life, many women value eternity rings for their style, worth, and long term value. These types of rings also make for an excellent family heirloom to be passed down to children and grandchildren.

When deciding how to wear eternity rings, personal choice is the most important consideration. Eternity rings are usually worn on the same finger as wedding rings. They may be worn in addition to the engagement ring and wedding band, or in place of either one. Many women choose to replace their wedding band with an eternity ring and wear it along with their engagement ring. With eternity rings, setting styles are limited to channel or pave with both settings offering an elegant look. A channel cut setting is preferred by some as they securely hold the gems in place and are easiest to build.

Eternity rings, no matter what they are called, offer a conspicuous design not found on other rings. Therefore, it is no wonder that many women are choosing these rings for themselves, prizing a look once reserved solely for married couples.
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