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At Diamonds UK, we offer an exquisite selection of Diamond Full Eternity Rings. Our rings are designed to beautifully express individual personality and style. Each diamond ring is crafted with the highest level of quality and offered at affordable prices. You’ll find our diamond rings have inspiration in their designs and sparkle in their diamonds.
A Diamond Full Eternity Ring features a row or rows of diamonds that wrap around the entire ring. This ‘endless’ string of diamonds symbolizes undying love and devotion. These are commonly used to make the celebrations of special events like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and so on. Like the wedding rings, eternity rings can be gifted to your loved ones to show the compassion and ultimate care. You can gift this ring to your fiancé, spouse or lover to tell them how much you love her. Different beautiful stones are used for the making of this nice costume jewelry. The cost of eternity band rings can vary depending upon the stone which has been used for its manufacturing. The most common stones used for the production are diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires. Diamonds are well liked because of their beautiful shape and shine.

One of the major causes of confusion between eternity rings and engagement rings is not only the similarity in form, but in meaning as well. Both forms of rings are intended to symbolize the eternal, never ending, unbreakable tie and connection between two people. A circle (which the ring is) is eternal, and represents the perfect harmony and unity between the couple.

Eternity rings are exchanged between people with a close connection for a variety of reasons, from parents to children, to a married couple looking to celebrate their time together. The value and significance is known only to the giver and the recipient, and that simple fact is what makes eternity rings such an intimate and beautiful gift. Eternity rings are now becoming an increasingly popular gift for parents who have just recently had children, as a means of celebrating the happy new addition to the family.

Eternity rings seem to live up to their name, historical evidence seems to indicate that the ancient Egyptians were the very first wearers and creators of eternity rings, whilst initially used as a means of religious devotion, they quickly took on a more secular meaning.

Eternity rings have evolved in terms of their design in recent years, and so wearers can enjoy a more comfortable experience, whilst the early rings were lumbered with heavy stones and metal, new versions of the eternity rings are more supple and lightweight. A great deal of care has been taken to ensure that recent designs are now firmly channel set, this allows for the light to be readily reflected off the stone, and also prevents too much damage from occurring. Eternity rings come in many different styles, so you must first decide how the ring will be worn. If worn with the engagement ring, try to match the setting style and diamond shape of the engagement ring and select a narrower style so you do not over power the engagement ring.. If the ring is to be worn alone or as an engagement ring a wider style is preferred. If his ring is to be a wedding ring, then matching her rings is desirable. For example if she has a princess cut engagement ring, then his ring should have a row of princess cut diamonds.

Although the "full" eternity band is traditional, there are many reasons why it is not frequently seen. Full eternity bands are costly compared to the price of a similar half eternity band, simply because more diamonds are used. Full eternity bands can also not be adjusted for finger size, they need to be custom ordered and made which again, results in a higher cost to you, the consumer.

Given their ornate appearance and the loving commitment dedicated to their creation, many people end up confusing eternity rings with their engagement ring counterparts. Frustratingly, there is no real singular answer as to the true symbolism or meaning behind eternity rings beyond the patently obvious: a tangible token and a means of conveying the love and affection a person has for another.

Eternity rings, for men and women, are such a special way to commemorate the lifetime commitment. But a misstep in the choice of style or jeweler, might ruin this wonderful experience. When it comes to choosing the eternity rings, Diamonds UK rings are the ultimate selection.
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