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Trilogy Rings
Diamonds UK brings you the ultimate value for money with an extensive ranges of classic three-stone diamond engagement ring that represents a tribute to your love, a celebration of the past, present and future. Rich in symbolism, the three-stone diamond ring not only makes a stunning engagement ring, but also the perfect anniversary or special occasion gift that expresses the timelessness of your love.
Diamond trilogy rings are something of a controversial fashion accessory, because of the influence of celebrities. There is a fine line between classy, understated elegance and garish displays of wealth and this is a battle that many of our female celebrities seem to be losing miserably. Whilst it would be rather unfair to say that once a pop diva buys a piece of jewellery, it automatically becomes tacky; there is an element of truth in this statement.

The problem is that many celebrities today simply do not know when to stop, and so end up wearing the entire diamond output of Africa on their hands. The thing with diamond trilogy rings is that they are eye catching pieces of jewellery to begin with and so their effect is lost if you wear too much jewellery.

Contemporary diamond trilogy rings mark the renaissance of the three-stone diamond rings, so popular at the turn of the century. The three stone diamond ring is a popular choice for wedding and anniversary rings, as the three stones traditionally represent the past, present and future of a relationship and denotes lasting commitment. The middle stone is usually the biggest one and presents the present. Christian couples sometimes attach a different meaning when the two side stones represent the couple and the centre stone represents God who is the core of the relationship. When they are given during a very mature relationship the three stones can also be used in a way when the centre stone speaks of commitment and the diamonds on either side promise trust and respect. If you are looking for a timeless symbol that says more ...a token of depth and emotion, then a trilogy ring is for you.

Diamond trilogy rings traditionally use brilliant cut round diamonds or princess cut diamondsin a claw or rub over setting, but you can design one using any cut diamonds, like pear shaped or oval designs with round diamonds either side.

Although the trilogy diamond engagement ring is said to be quite expensive compared to other engagement rings, the expense should not be the center of the reason why a woman should say yes to the proposal of marriage, but the effort of the man which gives high regard to the sentimental reasons behind the love story. Regardless of the reason for such a charming gift, the recipient will be sure to cherish for the rest of their life.
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