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Given the rather fickle and uncertain world we live in where fashion trends come and go likes the waves of the tide, the true measure of the worth of any given fashion accessory is how long it is worn for, and regarded as a worthwhile accessory by people. Whilst it so often regarded as a basic standard accessory by most, the humble diamond stud earrings are an item of jewellery that has been worn across the ages. So often we associate jewellery with the modern era, assuming that fashion and a commitment to personal appearance is merely a recent development.

Diamonds UK as put together a great selection of the most beautiful and unique diamond stud earrings, a gift that sure will make her feel as loved as she should be on her special day.

Diamond stud earrings were worn in ancient cultures by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, in fact, a princely gift that was highly coveted by the members of the upper classes of society.Diamond stud earrings truly are an elegant and glamorous addition to any ladies jewellery collection, and given how popular they are, this has meant that there is a fair range of options to choose from and prices to suit all budgets. The “classic” style of diamond stud earrings is a gold base with the diamond stone embedded in the metal, although platinum has been used in recent years for a variety of different reasons, not least of which being the increasing cost of gold. This classic style of diamond stud earrings has meant that the light has easy access to the stone thereby allowing the light to be reflected from the stone. This results in a dazzling effect that can brighten even the most cheapest of diamond stud earrings. A recent trend has seen a massive shift away from the classic style, with the diamond stone now actually covered with the metal (whatever the metal maybe). This is simply a stylistic matter, although it should be noted that in so doing so, it is much more difficult for the light to access the earring and thus the sparkly effect is diminished. That said, it is a matter of personal preference, there is no tangible difference in terms of cost, or the security of the diamond stone.

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