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Diamond hoop earrings manage two seemingly contradictory features: a glamorous and very elegant a-appearance without being overly garish or ostentatious. Diamond hoop earrings are one of the most affordable jewellery accessories available; and this is a reflection of the physical design rather than the quality of the earrings. One of the most readily distinctive features of diamond hoop earrings is that they have the precious stoned embedded only in one half of the metal, and the reason for this is very simple: it is only that one half of the earring that will be actually seen. This reduces the number of stones that have to be used and thus this helps to drive down the price further.
The size of diamond hoop earrings can differ vastly, from a discreet half inch earring that complements your features, and at the other extreme of the range you have earrings which are close to 4 inches in diameter. Whilst the size of the diamond hoop earrings should be a matter of personal preference, please note that the bigger the earrings, then the bugger the price tag as well. Gold is the most commonly used metal for diamond hoop earrings, however, it is by no means the only metal on offer, and many people opt for silver or platinum instead. Diamond hoop earrings were a particularly powerful status symbol during the ancient Roman times, wives of the patriarchs (the elite of Roman society) would wear diamond hoop earrings of differing scales of intricacy and design so as to indicate their household’s wealth. In a somewhat amusing (although utterly tragic at the same time) twist, many such female wearers found themselves accused of adultery when men would stare at them for a length of time in the street. In order to ensure that public order was maintained, a law was passed requiring all such ladies to have a slave present with them at all times so as to ensure that nothing untoward took place. Diamond hoop earrings are best suited for females with oval faces, helping to give the impression of a wider face.
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