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Gemstone Rings are very valuable both in terms of sentimental and monetary value and whilst diamonds maybe forever, this does not mean that your gemstone rings are totally impervious to damage and like with most things, prevention is much easier and effective than the cure. With some basic precautions and by exercising common sense, you will be able to prevent any lasting or severe damage to your precious gemstone rings. Housework and gemstone rings simply do not mix, especially the likes of dishwashing or cleaning the sink. It is simply remarkable the number of people who forget to take off their gemstone rings and then find that the hot soapy water has caused the ring to slip off and then get lost down the drain.
Always ensure that your ring fits snugly on your finger in order to prevent it from slipping off and such an accident from happening. Make sure you store your gemstone in a safe and secure location, well away from the inquisitive hands and eyes of children and household pets. Not only does this pose a severe choking hazard, but the retrieval of Gemstone Rings that have been ingested is not a pleasant task! Often, the metal is more brittle and weak than the actual gemstone itself and so it is crucial that you take good care of the metal. If your gemstone rings have the gemstone on a mound, then be aware that the mound is one of the weakest spots of the ring. Sometimes, stones which have been improperly measured and or fitted are fastened into place by using glue and this means that in time, the gemstone will defiantly come lose and break off. It is vital therefore that you make sure that the gemstone is firmly attached within the ring. Be careful as to the choice of cleaning solution you use, refrain from using chemical solutions which contain chlorine as these can have an adverse effect on the metalwork and the gemstone itself. You may want to get it professionally cleaned in order to safeguard against any potential problems.
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